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ics is a successful Australian based company that teaches people - at all levels in your organisation - how to write more effectively, read faster and improve comprehension and retention of information.

ics also offers comprehensive short courses covering Study Skills, Essay Writing Skills, Exam Prep & Speed Reading. Learn how to improve your high school outcomes NOW!

ics has worked with thousands of students throughout Australia to enhance their learning strategy to suit their individual style and needs.


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Superead - The Ultimate Speed Reading Course

The Superead program is an action-packed learning experience we you can focus on your individual progress in a relaxed atmosphere. Using an original blend of teaching and presentation techniques which include challenging exercises and specialist reading equipment, you will measure your own reading rate as you progress through the day. Your...
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Proofreading and Editing Course

The Proofreading and Editing course is designed to provide participants with proofreading and editing skills. Course outcomes:  understand and use the principles of Plain English writing  understand the principles of Proof Reading • using spell and grammar checks • where punctuation fits in • what you should be looking for • does it all make sense?  understand the principles...
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Superwrite - Plain English Business Writing Course

Producing clear, concise, easy to read and understand documents is a skill. If you are responsible for creating or editing written material, you can benefit from this program. Superwrite will help you organise your writing more effectively, write clearly without procrastinating and produce concise and meaningful documents.
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